Symptoms of coronavirus

The serious disease that is Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread around the globe and is affecting many people in different countries. It is a dangerous disease and even more, dangerous thing is that it shows its clear symptoms after the incubation period of 14 days.

Common signs of coronavirus are shortness of breath, dry cough, sneezing, and fever. If the coughing and flu are affecting you for long, consult a doctor and make your test done if required.


In more severe situations, this infection can cause kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and pneumonia. If these symptoms are not taken seriously, this dangerous virus can lead to death as well. This can take birth from animals as well so it is advised to stay from animals.


After the first case in China, it was concluded that the major cause of the spreading of this disease is the frequent and daily consumptions of different animals that have resulted in the spreading of Coronavirus.