(Photo gallery) Beautiful Tigers

Tiger (Sci. Panthera tigris) – a large cat with a reddish yellow-brown furry fur, widespread in the forests, pastures and swamps of eastern Russia, South Asia, Sumatra and China. Nine subspecies of this species are known, which are very similar to each other, but differ significantly in size and weight. The smallest subspecies lives in Indonesia. It’s length is 140 cm and its tail is about 60 cm. Males weigh 120 kg and females approximately 90 kg. The Siberian tiger is significantly larger. His body length is about 2 meters or even more. The tail is 90 cm long and can reach a weight of 250 kg (female 150 kg).

This makes the Siberian tiger the largest land predator after the bear. The tiger lives from India to the east to China and Southeast Asia, and north to Amur and further to the east Siberia. It used to live west of India, across front Asia to Turkey, but it has probably been exterminated since the 1970s.