Myths associated with coronavirus

As soon as any new thing especially disease spreads out, people start circulating false information and remedies to cure it.

As COVID-19 has taken control over the globe, it is necessary to look over the facts and myths of coronavirus and not to put deaf hear on rumors.


    • There is no vaccine to cure coronavirus; scientists have already started working on it.
    • Gargling, taking steroids or using essential oils cannot protect you from Coronavirus. Maintaining proper hygiene is the only way to fight with this disease
    • Ordering or shipping products from Corona affected countries such as China, cannot be harmful to you. This virus does not stay alive on most of the surfaces for a longer period.
    • A simple facemask cannot protect the people from Coronavirus. It does not fit tightly and may allow tiny particles of fabric to the eyes, nose, and mouth
    • Normal people are not advised to wear masks 24/7. However, only patients and doctors are prescribed to use the mask.