For coffee lovers, these are the best TOP 5 destinations in the world

Without a cup of coffee, the beginning of the day is unthinkable for many people.

Coffee drinking rituals vary from state to state, city to city, and what cities in the world are best for enjoying this drink.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

For people around the world, the start of the day without a cup of coffee is unthinkable, and the rituals for drinking this coffee beverage differ from country to state, and even from city to city. Below are the best cities for enjoying this drink.

Istanbul, Turkey

In Turkey they say that coffee must be black like hell, strongly like death and sweet as love. Turks always serve coffee after lunch, and cook it in a copper pot. To mitigate bitterness they often serve Turkish cakes, as well as in traditional porcelain cups.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Coffee is an integral part of the life of the population in Indonesia. It is known for its excellent types of coffee, including Java, Sumatra, Thoraya and Goyo. Cafe lovers in Jakarta can try some of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, such as Copi Luwak.

Milan, Italy

In Italy the most popular coffee is espresso served in a small cup and usually consumed by standing. It is interesting that Italians believe it is not good to tell cappuccino in the night, because the morning is a time to enjoy cappuccino.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle is the perfect place for passionate coffee lovers. The best time to visit the rainy city is in late June or between September and October.