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Coronavirus – pandemic of 2020

All of us had plenty of New Year resolutions for the year 2020. But it had some other plan itself. It has been 3 months since we entered the New Year but COVID-19 has completely distracted everyone’s life. It has badly affected hundreds of countries and still haunting everyone.

This disease inherited from China in 2019 and started entering different countries causing hundreds of deaths. Coronavirus is a disease that causes serious illnesses such as fever, dry cough, flu and shortness of breath.

Coronavirus - pandemic of 2020

These initial stages can be cured by following the safety measures, isolation, and few medicines. However, if this pandemic disease is not treated o time, it can lead to pneumonia, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, acute respiratory syndrome, and even deaths. It is advised by the doctors to consult them if initial symptoms exceed 14 days. This can be treated well if detected at an early stage.

Coronavirus - pandemic of 2020