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An unusual city that is a paradise for the eyes and worth visiting – Everything is colored in shades of blue!

The city of Chefchaouen is one of the most important tourist destinations in Africa and is located to the north of Morocco.

There are 42,000 inhabitants and all the buildings are decorated in blue, giving the city an incredible, sleepy atmosphere.

The Jewish belief is that the blue color represents the sky, which reminds people of paradise and of God.

There is a great tradition in the Jewish communities, which makes things work in blue, especially the carpets for prayers.

Some residents of this fortress say that the walls of Chefchaouen are blue-colored in order to present the glittering color of the Mediterranean.

The city is distinguished by Spanish and marine architecture, in addition to the dominant blue color, there are white elements in the decoration of the stairs and the buildings.

Because of these features, Chefchaouen is an increasingly popular tourist destination.