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A Lion or a Tiger – who will win: A scientific comparison

The Lion and the Tiger cannot meet in the wild today. Namely, Tigers do not live in Africa, where there are most Lions today. On the other hand, Lions are almost extinct in Asia, and can only be found in Gir Forest National Park in India, where there are no Tigers. Therefore, the battle between two feral cats can only take place in captivity.

Both the Tiger and the Lion are distinguished by their stamina, strength and fearlessness, however, the question is who among them will win the battle. It is difficult to say who is stronger and who will win the battle, because it depends not only on the type of animal, but also on its characteristics and character.

However, many scientists who study such studies claim that Tigers are much stronger than Lions, and that is a logical explanation.
The body weight of Tigers is much more than Lions – this is the first advantage of striped. Tiger tusks and claws are also slightly larger than Lions. This fact is not decisive in the fight of two such strong animals, but it nevertheless favors the Tigers. The skull structure of these animals also suggests that the striped wins a bit, as they have a much stronger bite. Below you can see how it looks like, when these two cats are fighting!